Pool Closing Services in Ottawa

Winterize Your Pool with Sonshine

As things get cooler in the Ottawa valley, we know you want to enjoy the last weeks of warm weather while you still can. That’s why we’re here to take care of your pool closing for you.

With a standard pool closing service, we:

  • Drain a pool to the appropriate water level
  • Shut off gas for heated pools
  • Prepared and winterize the vacuum, plumbing lines, drain filter, pump, heater, etc.
  • Remove pool ladders, jets, baskets, and rails
  • Properly install winter pool cover
  • Make sure your pool is ready for another Ottawa winter!

You'll be given a complete report of what we did and how your pool is functioning, so you can rest assured your pool is safely winterized.

Pool Experts in Ottawa

A poor job winterizing your pool can mean thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. It’s important to properly pump out all plumbing lines, filters, pumps, and vacuums to keep pumps from freezing; just like it’s important to make sure your pool’s water levels are in accordance with best practices.

We also take it one step further though; we’ll remove, clean, and store filter cartridges for you so they’re ready to go in the spring! We’re booking fast for Ottawa and Gatineau residents, so don’t wait… contact us today.

Why Trust the Professionals?

We deliver professional, high-quality pool closing services for residents in Ottawa, Gatineau, and the surrounding area. We value every customer, and we want to make sure you can enjoy your pool worry-free. That’s why our customers trust us for a job well done. A pool closing done right the first time means it’s easier to open come Spring. And you don’t have to worry about potential damage from the cold weather!

With years of experience servicing pools, hot tubs, and spas, trust Sonshine to close your pool quickly and efficiently at an unbeatable price.

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