The Right Contractor
Evidently, you’re looking to get your current spa fixed. Likely you are searching because you haven't been satisfied with your current service provider. So how do you make heads or tails out of choosing the right contractor? You can’t see or touch experience and safety, but we all know what it feels like when we don’t have it. You should always feel confident and safe when you have a service technician visit your home. You should NEVER have to pay the price for inexperience or slow service, but that is often the case with many local hot tub service contractors. At Sonshine Hot tub Services all of our service technicians are fully trained and certified. To help reduce your inconvenience, we stock our trucks with countless parts and tools and train our technicians to do a professional job efficiently and correctly… the first time. By removing the need to charge for extra time for inexperience, mistakes and run-around time for parts and other materials our technicians don’t feel pressured to hurry, but can take the time necessary to make sure the job is done right. We feel that taking time to discuss your concerns and answering all your questions is an important part of doing the job right. We have the expertise and the know-how to bring you solutions for all your concerns

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